Happy Birthday Aliasgar! We all love you & Miss you.


Onboard from his ship, Aliasgar missed us all on his 24th birthday and vice versa we all from our home. As we all surprised him by celebrating his birthday after iftari and washek prayers, his emotional message is as follows :

Thank u vry much ….maa i love u always and ever the best gift of my life …thank u so much to give me birth and giving me such a beautiful suprise saw all 2gther m so happie

Dad thank u so much i love u tooo alot thanks fr giving me all the things which i ned my basic things like studies …u r my dark knight always Silent caring and loving me i love u dad miss u alot😘😚😚

Thank u so much sonam u r beautiful gift i got after i m born who supported me in every sitaution and always gave me hope ki ali sab acha hoga thank u so mch fr being with me u r the most loving gal i got in my life and u ll be..😘😘😚

Thank u murtu so much fr being my bro i wish all brother shuld get a brother like u i ll he alwayz ther to help u stand with u nver u ned me…jus be happie and take cre of maa and dad

Thank u harshu for u wish m vry happie tht u r part of our family always take crw of Murtu and stand with him whn he neds u and u ll do it i knw tho ..i knew u b4 in skool times also …u r beautiful gift to my bro stay blessed.

Last bt not the least my mohd, mohd i always tease u i always make fun of u bt bhai i truly love u , u r  innocent and best gift to my family who is small bt always helpful mohd aa kar mohd aam kar i love u tht u always do it wht ever we say and i love u, do roza and help maa always tooo i love u alot thank  so much each and every1…i miss every 1 madly.


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