Tips for Relieving Stress


Tip 1. Eat more fruits and veggies; limit your intake of meat, sugar, coffee, processed food and preservatives.

Tip  2. Drink more water  (at least 8 glasses; choose warm water over cold).

Tip 3. Exercise regularly (take a walk for 30 minutes,  you don’t have to stretch too much or lift weights).

Tip 4. Try meditation like yoga or offer your daily prayers (Salah).

Tip 5. Help others  (any social work that soothes your body and soul).

Tip 6. Give thanks for what you have, count your blessings.

Tip 7. Make a commitment to eliminate stress from your life and act on it…get all the help you need whether it be from books, resources, friends, other people, etc..

Remember only you can fight your stress.

-Wish you a good day!

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