BASTA (Stop)


Domestic Violence against women is a serious problem in India and around the globe. Overall, one-third of women age 15-49 in India have experienced physical violence and about 1 in 10 have experienced sexual violence. In total, 35 percent have experienced physical or sexual violence. This figure translates into millions of women who have suffered, and continue to suffer, at the hands of husbands and other family members.


• Married women are more likely to experience physical or sexual violence by husbands than by anyone else.

• Slapping is the most common act of physical violence by husbands.

• One in 10 married women have experienced sexual violence at the hands of their husband, i.e., they have been physically forced against their will by their husband to have sex or perform other sexual acts they did not want to perform.

• Often, this physical and sexual violence causes injuries like bruises, aches, sprains, dislocations, burns,
deep wounds, broken bones, broken teeth, or other serious injuries.

• The prevalence of spousal physical or sexual violence is much higher among women in the poorest households than among women in the wealthier households.

• Nearly half of married women with no education have experienced spousal violence; similarly, nearly half of women whose husbands have no education have experienced spousal violence.

• Spousal violence is lower among couples in which husbands and wives have both been to school and are equally educated.

• The cycle of domestic violence is repeated across generations.

• Women married to men who get drunk frequently are more than twice as likely to experience violence as women whose husbands do not drink alcohol at all.

• Spousal violence also greatly varies from state to state.

• One in six  married women have experienced emotional violence by their husbands.

• Only one percent of married women have ever initiated violence against their husband. 

• One percent of never married women report having ever been sexually abused by anyone.

Conclusion :

Most Women Do Not Seek Help When They Are Abused.

Majority of Women and Men Say That a Husband Is Justified in Beating His Wife under some circumstances.

This is a short film that my friend Chris created for a festival. It got the opportunity to enter in Milan Festival , Italy.

The word ‘basta’ in Italian is the imperative form of the word “stop” or “enough” particularly when used as an interjection.

Many Thanks to Chris for allowing me to share his film.

-Wish you a good day!

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