Thankfully Yours!


With every breath you take, a thanksgiving is incumbent upon you, indeed, a thousand thanks or more. The lowest level of gratitude is to see that the blessing comes from God irrespective of the cause for it, and without the heart being attached to that cause. It consists of being satisfied with what is given; it means not disobeying Him with regard to His blessing, or opposing Him in any of His commands and prohibitions because of His blessing.

Be grateful  to God in anyway and every way, and you will find that God is a generous Lord in anyway and every way.

Complete thankfulness is to sincerely repent your inability to convey the least amount of gratitude, and expressing this by means of your sincere glorification of God Almighty . This is because fitting thanks is itself a blessing bestowed upon man for which he must also give thanks; it is of greater merit and of a higher state than the original blessing which caused him to respond with thanks in the first place. Therefore, every time one gives thanks one is obliged to give yet greater thanks.

I still remember my school days after class prayers:

” We give the thanks to Almighty God for all the benefits and comforts showered upon us, ‘O’ my God I love thee with my whole heart and I am heartly sorry for offended thee any more”

“In the name of the Father and his Son and his Holy Spirit. Amen”

I hope such prayers can be accepted by God. .anywhere. ..everywhere.

-Wish you a good day!

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