Acquiring Happiness


How can we acquire happiness? We all  would like to see ourselves in the best position in this life. What is the way to that??
Everyone has their own opinion in this regard, and I, because of my young age, do not know which opinion is the best, but here are some I keep trying & practising to acquire happiness in my portion of Life.
The way to a successful life begins with you. Yes! Of course you, beginning is the self, which if you change, then God will help you reach success and happiness, but if you leave it to do as it pleases, you will never reach whatever it is you dream of.
Therefore, I would like to share/guide you to the following:
1. Discover yourself! In this life you can be great and your mention will be recorded in the list of the great if you can only discover your own talents and abilities.

2. When you assign an aim to yourself, know that you not only need accurate thinking, but you also need a strong spirit and high determination to help you reach the advanced steps in the way of success. The source of this strong spirit and high determination is the true belief that connects you with the God Almighty, intellectually and practically. 
3. To keep your success safe from corrosion and to acquire happiness, you will have to keep yourself away from:
a. Bad friends.
b. Imagining oneself to be ill.
c. Putting off the work of today until tomorrow.
d. Convincing oneself to retreat from doing good deeds.
e. Not acquiring new information that concerns oneself.

Try and Fail, but do not Fail to Try.  Rest leave it on God, he is the only best Admin of this universe.

Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib(AS) said: “There are two ways of living a happy life,  whatever you like, gain it OR whatever you have gained, like it”

-Wish you a good day!

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