Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – pencil work

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

Thank you so much Maria for drawing the painting on my request, It’s a great tribute to a great personality by a Non Indian.

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mariadrawsdaily is a sketchblog, which is updated almost daily, or at least that is the plan!

Maria wants to became a comic artist and she tries to build up a confidence and her own style. The most important thing to her is to get rid of her fear of empty paper.Follow and leave messages of what she should draw next!Please do not use her pictures without her permission!

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In the last blog post I asked what you guys wanted to see me paint/draw. I got a request to paint Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (R.I.P) and another request to do a traditional drawing. So I combined these two and drew Dr. Kalam’s google+ profile picture with 5H pencil.

I haven’t done portraits for many years. Last time I think I did quick sketches during Drink&Draw event.
My line work is a bit sloppy and I should make shadows more bold. I remember my art teacher telling me all the time that “shadows needs to be bold! More color! More! Still not enough!!”
Anyway. Thank you @esoofi and @shane for leaving comments! I appreciate that!

-Wish you a good day!

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