Sailor’s Prayer

Aliasgar Esoofi

Oh, for a glimpse of the sea again,
For the thrill when the ocean spray,
Caught from the crest of a rolling wave,
Is a kiss from a sea bouquet.

Give me the wheel of a sailing ship,
And the surge of the briny main,
Bring on the wind till the hawsers sing,
And the spars and the lanyards strain.

Sing me the chanteys of sailing men,
To the tune of a northern gale,
Sing to the music of anchor chains,
To the beat of a popping sail.

Bury this frame in these fields you must,
But this soul is unfettered and free,
I’ll set my sails to a western wind,
And beat my course to the sea.

-Capt. Eugene W.Roddenberry
Published June 17th, 1945, New York Times

-Wish you a good day!


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