Live Generously


A person cannot be a believer unless he is also generous; he must also have certainty and high aspiration, because generosity is a ray of the light of certainty. Effort is easy for him who knows his objective.

Generosity is bestowed upon everyone beloved of God who has little of this world. One of the signs of generosity is a lack of concern with the wealth of this world, and with whoever owns it, believing or unbelieving, obedient or rebellious, noble or low. The generous man feeds others while he himself is hungry; he clothes others while he is naked; he gives to others while he refuses to accept the gifts of others. He is favoured by that, and does not indebt others by his graciousness. If he were to possess the entire world, he would see himself merely as an alien in it. If he spent it all for Gods sake in a single hour, it would not be irksome for him.

It is better that a person’s generosity is associated with a thing that is dear to him – eatables, clothes, money etc. – and that no obligation is placed upon the person towards whom generosity has been exhibited; man should only view himself as a trustworthy person, whose responsibility is to pass on God’s  things to deserving and needy individuals. As such, he should stay away from frugality and refrain from withholding the Divine trusts; this is because it is not known whether or not they would yield any benefit, if given after his death, and whether or not his inheritors would expend them in a correct and appropriate manner?


My Grandfather was a stud at the age of 88, I was mere 13 @ that time, we used to walk daily upto Crawford market from Marine Lines to seek fresh vegetables, meat and other households. Whenever a person (poor or needy) approached my GF, he would gladly help them and say thanks in return.  As a child, I always wondered that how my GF reciprocate after helping them, so i asked him and then he thaught me a great wisdom, here I would like to share with you all :

O my Grandson, you are the star of my eye and do not forget what I am telling you today. When you grow old and start earning, do remember that there are 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour which equals to 1440 minutes per day.  In this precious time there may be several thoughts running thru your mind, some maybe good,  some bad, some nasty, but if in a single minute if you think of charity or to feed a poor, or just help a person in need, then just go ahead immediately and turn it into a deed, as maybe that thought won’t return back again that day.

Dear Grandfather,  I always try to practice the innumerous wisdom’s which you have thaught me, but sometimes I miss something, and that I can not ever become like you. Love you and miss you always. May God Almighty Rest your Soul in Peace in Heaven.-Ameen.


Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib(AS) said:

“Generosity is to help a deserving person without his request, and if you help him after his request, then it is either out of self-respect or to avoid rebuke”

-Wish you a good day!

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