My Biggest Teacher Mumbai

My biggest teacher Mumbai

Mumbai Taught Me:

Whether you are a millionaire or a ragpicker you must love Vadapav.


Mumbai Taught Me : nothing is more important in your life than Money.! Whether you’re alive or dead.!

Mumbai Taught Me: It makes a lot of difference to catch a 8.55am local train than to catch 9.05am local train.

Mumbai Local Train - Lifeline of Mumbai

Mumbai Taught Me : How to behave, how to tackle problems, how to make friends in just 5 minutes, how to behave at Global Stage.

Mumbai Taught Me : How to celebrate Holi, Eid, Diwali, Christmas and how to respect other religion.

Diwali - The biggest festival of India

Mumbai Taught Me : distance is measured in time and not kilometres.

Mumbai Taught Me :There will always be someone to share the first drop of Monsoon or a pipping hot corn with at Marine Drive.

Charcoal Grilled Corn coated with Salt & Lime juice

Mumbai Taught Me : that if you can survive this city you can survive the world.

Mumbai Taught Me : that there is a vast difference between people traveling in Western, Central, Harbour line or Metro line.

Metro & Mono Rail - Mumbai

Mumbai Taught Me : that you can own a village in any part of India or just buy a 2 Bedroom, Hall, kitchen flat at Cuffe Parade for the same price.

Cuffe Parade

Mumbai Taught Me : there is something called 0.5 BHK, and you may not afford it.

Mumbai Taught Me: how to talk to strangers without feeling awkward.

Mumbai Taught Me : that problems can’t be solved easily but can be kept away for a while by contemplatively sitting near sea.

Marine Drive Seaside

Mumbai Taught Me :we can have bus friend, train friend, office friend, colony friend, building friend, bar friend, not only just school or college friend.

Friends chatting @ ladies compartment of a local train

Mumbai Taught Me : what is HUMANITY.

Mumbai Taught Me : to fight and never give up in life.

Thousands Salutations to my best teacher Mumbai! :):);)😆:):)

-Wish you a good day!

2 thoughts on “My Biggest Teacher Mumbai

  1. wowwwww well said. I love mumbai. where am i supposed to live. I have 3 beautiful years of sweet memories from it. Omg! I miss that place. What an mansoon, I never seen such a city like that before. I miss those local train journeys, lot of crowd, foods like vada pav, misiel pav, dabeli, bhelpuri and lastly garlic chutney. In Mumbai I feel like am not alone, Shopping inside the train :-). thank you esoofi for sharing such a beautiful post. Happy blogging.

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