Dukh Sukh Tha Ek Sabka – Sorrows & Happiness were One for All

Padmashree Pankaj Udhasji

Dukh sukh tha ek sabka…is a beautiful, lyrical poetry (Nazm) written by Zafer Gorakhpuri & very superbly sung by Padmashree Pankaj Udhasji.

The words of this poetry truly reflects the time in a person’s life. The past, present and the future.

About Pankaj Udhasji :

Pankaj Udhas (born 17 May 1951) is a ghazal singer from India. He is credited in the Indian music industry, along with other ghazal singers like Jagjit Singh and Talat Aziz, with bringing the style to the realm of popular music. Udhas rose to fame for singing in the film Naam (1986 film), in which his song Chitthi Aayee Hai became an instant hit. Following that, he has also performed as a playback singer for numerous films. He has recorded many albums since then and tours the world as an accomplished Ghazal singer. In 2006, Pankaj Udhas was awarded the Padmashree.

Please watch the full length video with headphones.

English Translation of the Poetry:

Dukh sukh tha ek sabka
(Sorrows and happiness were one for all)
Apna ho ya begaana
(whether it be your own or some one else’s)
Ek woh bhi tha Zamaana
(That was that era)
Ek yeh bhi hai zamaana
(Now this is this era)

(In the era of the grand dad)
(Had a house made of mud)
(No incidents of thieves)
(No threat of thugs)
(Used to eat whatever meagre we got)
(Used to sleep peacefully)
(Evenings were full of events)
(Noons were fruitful)
(hearts were always satisfied)
(There were no worries)
(No one was spiteful)
(No one had any thoughts of revenge)
(Every one was naive)
(But full of love)
(So quickly from this world)
(Has everything departed)

(Then came the era of the father)
(Education/wisdom came into the house)
(Along with it, Education)
(Brought new ideas)
(To be more successful than others)
(was the aim/ came into consideration)
(The mudhouse got replaced)
(By a solid house [of iron/brick])
(Used to work in the office)
(Depended on carriages)
(Fully trusted the boss)
(Could easily suffice)
(Even with a little money)
(Even then there were no worries)
(How it was fruitful/ full of achievement)
(Our house of poverty)

(Now it is my era)
(No one is anyone’s)
(Now it is my generation)
(No one can be trusted)
(Everyone is on his own)
(Every face is like a stranger’s)
(Neither tears nor full of smiles)
(This is how life is)
(Don’t even know oneself)
(Such is the magic of illusions)
(If one has money, then there is status)
(Respect can be bought)
(There are servants and valets)
(There are mansions and cars too)
(Have gold and land)
(but no peace)
(To attain something)
(What all has to be lost)

(Listen! the future generations)
(Listen! the people of tommorow)
(The suffering we have gone through)
(may you never have to suffer)
(What grief we had with us)
(may it not come near you)
(The pain we went thru)
(May you not get them)
(The way in the crowd, we)
(survived alone)
(That crowded life [of togetherness]
(may no one snatch from you)
(Whatever way you pass through)
(May there be lots of light)
(May you adjust to the atmosphere)
(Of the 21st century)
(I have yearned for peace)
(May peace shower upon you)
(May you be happy)
(may life be beautiful)

translation copied from: http://www.keshvani.com/

-Wish you a good day!

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