The Imam Bara

Aerial view of Shrine of Imam al Husayn (AS) Karbala, Iraq


Out of the somber shadow,
Over the sunlit grass,
Slow in a sad procession
The shadowy pageants pass
Mournful, majestic, and solemn, Stricken and pale and dumb,
Crowned in their peerless anguish
The sacred martyrs come.
Hark, from the brooding silence
Breaks the wild cry of pain 
Wrung from the heart of the ages
          Ali! Hassan! Hussain!


Come from this tomb of shadows,
Come from this tragic shrine
That throbs with the deathless sorrow Of a long-dead martyr line.
Love! Let the living sunlight
Kindle your splendid eyes
Ablaze with the steadfast triumph
Of the spirit that never dies.
So may the hope of new ages
Comfort the mystic pain
That cries from the ancient silence
          Ali! Hassan! Hussain!

-Sarojini Devi  Naidu

-Wishyou a good day!

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