I Wish I Could Be A Flower


“I Wish I Could Be A Flower, But If I’m Not then I Do Not Want To Be A Thorn.”

A real man wants others to be comfortable and does not seek comfort for himself. He tries to lessen other people’s struggles and difficulties instead of making difficulties for others. He tries to give other people honor, not take honor away from people. He tries to fill people’s stomachs, not eat people’s bread. Man can have the characteristics of angels or animals. An animal does not want to serve others while an angel’s job is serving humanity.

In short, how have you built yourself? Look at yourself. Have you become a wolf? A fox? If you have you will be this in the next world. If you have become an angel you will be one in the next world as well. Your place will not be heaven until you acquire the traits of an angel.

Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (AS) said:

“Cure poverty with charity and by giving generously.”

-Wish you a good day!

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