Greed Compels One To Commit Any Crime!

Greed is found in some animals, especially the ant. A greedy person becomes lower than an ant or mouse. This trait causes one to commit atrocities, to be unjust and to sell things for way more than they are worth. They think that they will be able to keep their wealth.

There are others who walk the road of the angels. They become true human beings. How easy it is to be an animal and how hard is it to be a human! Sometimes man forgets that he was sperm and will become a decomposed dead body for sure one day.

Have you heard that Imām ‛Alī (as) went to the marketplace and bought two shirts with Qanbar? Imām ‛Alī (as) gave the better shirt to his servant Qanbar. Qanbar said: “But, you’re my master and the leader (khalīfa) of the Muslims?”

Imām ‛Alī (as) said: “I would become shy in front of Allah if I placed myself above you.”

‛Alī (as) was created and Qanbar was created as well. If ‛Alī’s (as) station is higher than Qanbar it is only because Allah gave it to him, but, in regards to being created, they are the same. This kind of example shows ‛Alī’s greatness. One should not consider himself higher or better than another. One should not sit comfortably while someone else is serving him; instead one should serve others.

Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (AS) said:

“There is No health where there is Greed.”

-Wish you a good day!

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