Fornicators, Beware!!

Topic Explanation

Fornication is considered to be one of the Great Sins. A person, as a result of being overcome by lust and due to lack of faith, audaciously transgresses the womenfolk of other people.

In this world, fornication reduces sustenance and shortens the life-span, while on the Day of Judgement, a fornicator shall suffer the wrath of God Almighty and an evil reckoning.

The murderers of prophets, such as Prophet Yahya/John(a.s), and Imam Husain (a.s), were mostly illegitimate children – a consequence of the Satan’s invitation to a male and female to commit this sin.

Prophet Isa/Jesus (a.s) said to his disciples: “Prophet Musa/Moses (a.s) had advised his people: “Do not commit fornication”, (but) I advise you: “Do not even think of committing fornication””[Shaytan Vol1-Page 560]

God Almighty, the Wise, has said:

“The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication – flog each of them with a hundred stripes.” 

[Holy Qur’an  Suratul Nur – Chapter 24-Verse 2]

Following events further illustrates the outcome of Fornication:

Prophet Yahya’s/John’s Murderer was an Illegitimate Child –

During the time of Prophet Yahya/John (a.s), there lived a king by the name of Hirodis, who was fond of him (a.s) and considered the Prophet to be a just and righteous person.

There was an adulteress with whom this king had been having an illicit relationship; as she became old, she began to ornament her daughter and present her before the king, who eventually fell in love with her and desired to marry her.

He questioned Prophet Yahya/John (a.s) about the issue who, on the basis of the religion of Prophet Isa/Jesus (a.s), declared it to be unlawful. Consequently the adulteress harboured resentment and malice towards Prophet Yahya/John (a.s). One day, observing the king to be in a state of intoxication, she adorned her daughter and sent her before him. Seeing her, the king sought to gratify himself  but the daughter said: “I shall submit myself to you only upon the condition that you sever Yahya’s/John’s head from his body.” The king, in his state of inebriation, agreed and upon his instance, Prophet Yahya/John (a.s) was beheaded.

According to another tradition, the king desired to enter into marriage with his niece, by the name of Hirodiya, but Prophet Yahya/John (a.s) prohibited such a marriage as a result of which the lady coveted the Prophet’s death.

Imam Baqir (a.s) said: “Yahya’s (a.s) killer was an illegitimate child, as were the killers of Ali Ibn Abu Talib (a.s)  and Husain Ibn Ali (a.s).”

When Prophet Yahya/John (a.s) was murdered God made Nebuchadnezzar (or Kardus), one of the Babylonian kings, dominant over Bait al-Maqdas, who initiated a massacre in the city. It was only when he had killed seventy thousand of the inhabitants of the city that Prophet Yahya’s/John’s (a.s) blood stopped bubbling and calmed down. [Tarikh-e-Anbiya, vol. 2, pg. 284]

Five Fornicators and Five Rulings –

Five persons, who had committed fornication, were brought before Umar, who ordered them to be subjected to the legal punishment for the crime. At that moment the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (a.s) arrived and said: “O’ Umar! Allah’s ruling in their case is not as you have ruled!” Umar requested: “You issue the ruling for them and implement the legal punishment.”

The Imam (a.s) beheaded the first person, stoned the second, subjected the third to the full punishment of eighty lashes, the fourth to half the punishment and ordered the discretionary punishment for the fifth!

Umar was amazed and the people astounded over Imam Ali’s (a.s) ruling. Umar asked him: “O’ Abul Hasan! Five persons were involved in one crime and you have issued different rulings for all of them?”

The Commander of the Faithful (a.s) explained: “The first person was a dhimmi,[ A fri non-Muslim subject living in a Muslim country.] who had transgressed (the honour of) a Muslim woman and so had fallen out of the dhimmah[Covenant of protection] – as such, his punishment could only be death.

The second person who had committed fornication possessed a spouse and so I had him stoned. The third one to have been involved in the crime did not have a wife and so I punished him with eighty lashes.

The fourth was a slave and therefore I subjected him to half the legal punishment (of eighty lashes), while the fifth one was poor of intellect due to which I subjected him to the discretionary punishment (some lashes).”

Hearing the explanation Umar exclaimed: “O’ Abul Hasan! May it never happen that I have to live with the people when you are not around (to help me)!”[ Qadhawat-ha-e-Muhayyir al-~Uqul, pg. 45; Dastan-ha-e-Zindagi-e-~Ali (a.s), pg. 145]

Interpretation of the Dream –

Ibn Sirin was an extremely good-looking and elegant youth, and a cloth-merchant by profession. Once it so happened that a woman became enchanted with his looks; she expressed her desire to purchase cloth from him upon the condition that he should deliver it to her house, whereupon she would hand him the money.

As he reached her house and entered it, she immediately bolted the door and invited him to commit fornication. Aghast, the youth said: “I seek refuge in Allah”, and then proceeded to lecture her about the reproach associated with the obscene act.

However when he observed that his words failed to have any effect upon the woman, he decided to resort to deception in order to extricate himself from his quandary.

He sought her permission to use the lavatory. Procuring her permission he entered the lavatory, dirtied himself with excrement and then approached her.

The woman, seeing him in that odious state, felt revolted and promptly turned him out of her house.

Due to this abstinence on his part with respect to fornication, Allah graced him with the science of interpretation of dreams. [Shaytan, vol. 1, pg. 678]

Some Fact:

Adultery is an indecent act and an evil way of satisfying the sexual urge. The God Almighty has created the sexual urge for continuation of the human race. He has also created a feeling of love and physical attraction between man and woman. If this sexual urge is satisfied in a disciplined manner, the human race is assured of peace and prosperity. It must be remembered that fornication contaminates the progeny.

But when this evil becomes prevalent in a society just to satisfy the basic instincts, it leads to destruction and despair.

Also, as a result of an immoral life countless people and their children suffer from debilating, deforming and incurable diseases. Huge sums of money are drained from the budget to take care of victims and to find a cure for such diseases. Innumerable illegitimate children are born ill and undernourished; destitutes without a home and with no one to care or be concerned for them.

In the highly competitive world of today, man strives to use all his assets to optimal capacity. His efforts are fully concentrated in deriving the maximum efficiency from all his inputs so that he can achieve unprecedented progress in minimum time. So it is pity to see him make a wasteland of his most precious possessions, his natural instincts and desires gifted to him by God Almighty for his happiness and prosperity.

Like all branches of science, nuclear and medical science has also made a progress. Vast sums of money are poured into research for discovering new drugs that may save mankind from the scourge of these diseases. Yet, the number of people suffering from debilitating maladies resulting from immoral conduct are ever on the increase. In every country, countless such people have to be hospitalised over extended period of time. They wreck their own lives and are also a burden to society.

Every country makes ambitious plans to achieve progress and prosperity. But all these development plans come to naught as millions of illicit children are born, posing a challenge to the economy of even the most affluent countries. For the poor undeveloped countries the results are disastrous. Not only are the uncared children a drain on the country’s economy, they even pose a law and order problem as they grow up uneducated in a condition of abject poverty and crime.


The Holy Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“After me when Fornication will increase, sudden deaths will also increase.”

He also said:

“Fornication causes depravity and destitution, and because of it, populated places become deserted.”

Wish you a good day!

-Esoofi Abd’il Qader

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