My Diwali Supplication

The etiquette and conditions of supplication ought to be taken into regard and adhered to; the supplicant should carefully consider whom he is invoking and for whom or what purpose, he is supplicating.

The best of prayers is that man asks for obedience to God, drowning himself in His love and entrusting all his affairs to Him.

If God had not ordered us to supplicate and pray to him, but if we nevertheless had done so with sincerity, He, in His generosity, would have surely answered our prayers; accordingly, is it conceivable that the prayers of one, who adheres to the etiquette and conditions for supplication which God has prescribed, would not be answered?

When one invokes God, He either grants him his desire immediately, sets aside for him something better than what he had desired for, or wards away from him a great calamity.

Allah, the Wise, has said:

“Call upon Me, I will answer you.” 

[Holy Qur’an – Suratul Mu’min – Chapter 40:Verse 60] 

My Supplication:

O’ Lord, protect, help and guide every person that has crossed my mind today and all those faces that I keep seeing in my memories. All the people I love, care for and miss. Please help those who have helped others on this auspicious occasion of Diwali, those who have shown kindness towards poor & orphans. Please help & protect those strangers I have forgotten, those people that live in my good memories that make me believe in Humanity.

Please Lord, I know You know everything but I am forgetful. My heart reminds me sometimes of names and faces who have made me smile. I have long forgotten, but please let me remember them in my Dua (supplication).

O’ Lord, Let your guidance be with Riches so that they can give from their overfilled cupboards, which have so many clothes, many of which are hardly worn. Let them take time to empty their cupboards from extra stuff and let those ‘extra stuff’ be of benefit to the less fortunate.

O’ Lord, please accept my Dua (supplication) and protect, help and guide every single human being on this earth, apart from religion, cast or creed and also fulfill their legitimate wishes. Aameen!

Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (a.s) said:

“Ward away, by means of supplication, the waves of misfortunes before the arrival of misfortunes (themselves).” 

Wish you a good day!

-Esoofi Abd’il Qader 

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