‘ … So whichever way you turn, there is the Face of God…’ (Holy Qur’an: Chapter 2 : Verse 115)

I live in a world of Wisdom and Design
Breath and brush-stroke Divine

Where every raindrop, falling leaf
From His Hand is released 

Yet still I moan about rainy days
Inconvenience, mud and grey
Downpours may be floods of grace
But all I perceive, is traffic and delays

Head down, I rush around
Always on the move, never in the now
No pause – to catch His smile through the clouds,
Or tune in to the wind to hear Him whisper aloud

Material obsessions delude my heart and mind
The world is a career highway, a gold mine
To be exploited and stripped bare
Rather than divine unveiling, inspiring awe and prayer

And so, I do not see His reflection in morning dew
The depths of divine mercy in oceans blue
My heart is unstirred by the tide’s ebb and flow
Unlit by the splendour of sunset’s glow

Nature discloses the Beloved’s Face
But my heart averts its gaze
His love resonates in her song and silence
Yet my soul is deaf to its call, heedless

So am I surprised, when I enter the sunset prayer 
And my heart is inattentive, unaware?
Can the one who is blind, oblivious to Him all day
See divine light and glory when he bows down to pray?

Wish you a good day!

-Esoofi Abd’il Qader

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