RIP: Martyrs of Arbaeen 2016

ERBIL, Iraq — At least 80 people, many of them Pilgrims on their way home to Iran, were killed on Thursday when an Islamic State suicide bomber detonated a truck filled with explosives at a roadside service station in southern Iraq, local officials said.

In years past, the annual rite known as Arbaeen, a commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS), a revered seventh-century Shiite figure, was a frequent target of Extremist groups like the Islamic State and its predecessor, Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Hussain (AS) was the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed[pbuh] and son of Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (AS) – The Commander of Faithful, was martyred during a battle in Karbala.

Hussain’s 7th-century death led followers of True Islam to visit his Shrine every year on 40th Day called “Arbaeen”. Despite ongoing dangers, pilgrims still make the journey to Karbala.

The attack by the Islamic State was the latest aimed at the followers of Imam Hussain (AS), a true follower of his grand father’s true religion Islam. In July, more than 300 people were killed reportedly in an attack on a commercial district and in May Car bombings reportedly took around 100 lives.

“Evil doers never think well of anyone because they see others in their own nature”

-Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (AS)

Wish you all a mournful day!

-Esoofi Abd’il Qader 

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