Women Liberation

Women Liberation Quotes:

These few quotes on women and their status in our country will highlight harsh realities.

1. You say we shouldn’t go out after dark? why not lock men indoors after 7pm instead?

-Respect Women

2. Be ashamed. You have permanently placed pepper spray and knife inside our handbags.

-Respect Women 

3. Don’t teach us how to dress. Teach men how to see.

-Respect Women 

4. I am born as woman. I was married. Never knew I could be eternally jailed for that crime – in kitchens.

-Respect Women

5. I topped my exams in school and college. Dear husband, if you complain your shirt was not ironed properly, remember that was not a part of my curriculum.

-Respect Women 

6. Menstruation is just a normal metabolic activity, like sweat and cough. Stop secluding us and making a big fuss about it.

-Respect Women

7. Do not wrap sanitary pads in newspaper and give it to us. We are not buying a packet of bribe to be ashamed of.

-Respect Women 

8. It is not the cloth that opresses the woman; it is the illiterate mind.

-Respect Women


“Be kind and considerate to your woman. She is a tender flower, and not your slave in the household.

-Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (AS)

Wish you a good day ! 

– Esoofi Abd’il Qader 


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