“Don’t Let That Devil Stop You From Charity On This Christmas”


God the Wise, has said

“If you give alms openly, it is well.”  [Holy Qur’an chapter 2 : verse 271]

The Noble Prophet (Pbuh) said:

“Give charity, even if it happens to be a (piece of) date.”

Charity is of two kinds: The first being the “concealed charity” – one that had been the conduct of the Imams and which wards away poverty, lengthens the life, does away with seventy kinds of evil deaths and smothers the Divine wrath. The second being the “manifest charity” – one, that increases the sustenance and breaks Satan’s (Devil’s) back.

An important point in connection with charity is that quantity (with respect to money, clothes or food) is not the criterion for perfection; rather, it is the purity and sincerity of intention, which is the requisite for perfection.

At times when the Noble Prophet (Pbuh) did not possess any money, he would give his clothes in charity and would recommend: “Commence your day with charity, for it serves to insure you.”

If not Devil, then his mother will surely stop you from doing charity or good deed every time you try to accomplish it.  Here is a true incidence as to how Devil works:

Sayyid Ne’matullah Jazairi narrates in his book: “One year, a famine struck. During that period a preacher, from atop the pulpit in the mosque, preached: “When one desires to give charity, seventy Devils cling onto his hands to prevent him from giving it.”

Hearing this, a person said to his friends in amazement: “Giving charity has no such thing associated with it. I have some wheat present in my house which I shall immediately bring to the mosque and distribute amongst the poor.”

With this in mind, he set off for his house. When he reached home and informed his wife of his intention, she began to reprimand him saying: “In this period of drought do you not have consideration for your wife and child? Maybe the drought will extend for a long time, in which case we shall die of hunger and …”

In short, she rebuked him to such an extent that eventually the man returned to the mosque empty-handed.

His friends asked him: “What happened? Did you see how seventy Devils clung to your hand and prevented you?”

The man said: “Honestly speaking, I did not see the Devils, but I certainly saw their mother, who prevented me from performing this good deed.”


Remember, Try and Fail, but do not Fail to Try performing good deeds on this Christmas.


“Whoever takes care of the orphans, his children will be cared for” 

-Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (AS)

 Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and stay blessed by exercising power of truth, charity and patience.

-Esoofi Abd’il Qader 


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