Thank You All!!

Thank you All Dear Readers.

I Love you all…

I was very happy to see this message. 

I am so grateful to all of you who make up the community of readers to whom I am connected.

To the other ones who write encouraging comments or speak to me in person….your feedback means the world to me.

I am so grateful for the writers whose works have always helped me, and to think I’ve been of some help to others is humbling and deeply gratifying. Thank you! 

By the Grace of God Almighty,  I wish to spread the message of peace and humanity through my blog and always try to walk on the true path of Ahlul’Bayt (AS).


Remember, Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (AS) said:

“Be obscure and do not attempt to be famous, do not elevate yourself in order to be remembered. Learn and conceal, find safety in silence, you will please the righteous people and outrage the wicked.”

Wish you all a Good Day!

-Esoofi Abd’il Qader


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